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DeafDigest – 22 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 22, 2019

— A doctor tells a lie

A doctor in Baton Rouge told a patient that he would not
provide an interpreter. The patient’s daughter was very
upset about it and shared the story with the investigative
team of a local TV news program. When confronted, the
doctor changed his story, saying it was all a misunderstanding
and that he contacted an interpreting agency and got no
response. Is the doctor telling the truth? DeafDigest
editor doesn’t think so.



— a magazine scolds directors for not casting deaf actors

Jack Thorne, a director, wrote in a magazine article
that the entertainment industry is doing a poor job
of casting the deaf as actors. He said that there are
great deaf actors that are not getting roles for
one reason – their deafness.



— a feud boxing match

Two politicians did not like each other and they agreed
to fight it out in a boxing ring. Proceeds from that
match would go to the mayor’s favorite charities.
The mayor chose Wiltshire Deaf Children’s Society
as one of the charities. Dale Heenan defeated
Bazil Solomon by a technical knockout. It could
only happen in Great Britain, not in USA!




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