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DeafDigest – 24 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 24, 2019

— Supreme Court avoids a hot issue

Do our Supreme Court avoid a hot issue – ADA lawsuits
and is forever sending back to the lower courts these
such lawsuits? This is what one legal web site said!


— poker player certified as deaf

There was a controvery in Australia when Chris Smitton
entered the Deaf Poker Australia championship. Competing
deaf poker players felt he was hearing, but pretending
to be deaf. Smitton said he was always deaf. He won
the championship, thus angering everyone at the
tournament. The Deaf Poker Australia conducted
a full investigation into Smitton’s deafness
background and had him fully certified as deaf!
He is now able to keep $3,300 in prize money.
As a postscript, he knew nothing about the
tournament. But when he entered the casino,
there were posters on the walls about the
tournament and he decided to enter on the
spur of the moment!


— a jail discriminates against a deaf woman

A deaf woman was sentenced to five days in jail because of
a DUI charge. This jail allows minimum offenders to spend
time during the day on weekends instead of requiring them
to sleep overnight at a jail cell. But in her case, she
was told to sleep overnight. They told her it was
because of her deafness. Her family and her attorney
protested, forcing the jail to change its mind and to
allow her to sleep at home instead of a jail cell.



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