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DeafDigest – 25 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 25, 2019

— a big reason why deaf people are not hired

There is a big reason why many, many employers
don’t want to hire the deaf. Discrimination?
Maybe not, but they feel deaf employees are
a safety issue at the workplace. Hearing employees
that can hear well, do have workplace accidents.
One does not have to hear to be safe; one has
to see, and deaf people certainly can see!
This issue was raised in a newspaper story.


— A deaf Shark Tank

Kobe Johnson, who is deaf, will be appearing on the
Shark Tank. His idea is a portable outdoor kitchen,
to be used on camping and outdoors trips. He founded
a company named Tailgate n Go, and hopes it is a
success in Colorado. Will he win? Just stay tuned
with the TV program.


— discrimination against deaf doctors

Deaf doctors suffer from discrimination in that
some patients may hesitate in revealing their
personal medical information in front of
doctors’ interpreters! It didn’t matter to
hearing patients that interpreters are
neutral and just convey the patients’



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