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DeafDigest – 29 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 29, 2019

— must stay in bathroom when finished with it

If you are finished in the bathroom, it is best to
stay in it to make sure no water is leaking from
the toilet. It only takes maybe one or two minutes.
A deaf woman received a $5,000 water bill from her
city government. She had expected a bill of approximately
$260-$270. Deaf people cannot hear water being wasted
in the bathroom. Hearing people can. That woman is
now fighting the bill.


— more interpreters with upcoming elections

An interpreter was quoted in a newspaper story.
He said:

If you interpret it, they will come

He was talking about past political rallies
that the deaf people stay away from because
of no interpreters. And with interpreters
they will come.

An important thing – two interpreters, not
one interpreter.


— A big shock with new movie – Conductor

A new horror movie for deaf people that love
horror movies. A new film – Conductor
is coming out. It is about a deaf woman
that witnessed a horrible crime. Her shock
about this horrible crime left her as a
hearing woman!



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