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DeafDigest – 01 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 1, 2019

— a Deaf Chamber of Commerce

There was an announcement today that the National Deaf
Chamber of Commerce has named its own board of directors.
This is interesting because according to the press
release, this group was formed a year ago, but nary
a word about until just today. There have been
quite a few efforts in the past to promote interests
of deaf-owned businesses. All such efforts got nowhere.
A big reason is that deaf owners are more
concerned with the survival of their own businesses
than to focus on promoting the interests of
other deaf-owned businesses (some of which may
compete against them). Is National Deaf
Chamber of Commerce supposed to be better than
these past numerous efforts by different groups?
(Gallaudet, NTID, NAD and others). Don’t know
but just stay tuned!


— the cop and the deaf car driving past him

There was a discussion on what is going to happen
if a deaf driver legally passes by a police
car on a highway? Even if the cop immediately
checks his computer and finds the deaf driver
is clean with no warrants against him, still
what is he going to do? Just ignore the deaf
driver or stop him for any imagined reason?


— happy or unhappy deaf students at hearing colleges

Are deaf students happy while attending hearing
colleges? Or are they unhappy? The National Deaf
Center wants to know of the feelings of these deaf
students. What is national Deaf Center? It is
funded by Federal Department of Education.



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