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DeafDigest – 05 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 5, 2019

— boring but important

Deaf passengers on airflights want captions (or subtitles)
on inflight movies. Yet the airlines are pushing for captions
to inform deaf passengers on safety announcements. Not
a single word on inflight movies. Deaf passengeres just
have to select foreign movies because these carry
English subtitles. But what about American movies?
Sometimes deaf passengers are lucky; sometimes
not – during international flights.


— an angry comment about some restaurants

Some restaurants are not deaf-friendly. Even
when a deaf person points to the menu for
his dish choice, the waiter may not be
cooperative (no explanation of specials,
no query about meat being rare done or
medium done or well done, etc). An
activist said such restaurants has
walls for the deaf but doors for the
hearing – meaning deaf person cannot
go through the walls!


— 25 years to confess something

A deaf person denied his deafness for 25 years
until he finally gave up and confessed to a
hearing friend that he was deaf. 25 years?
No interpreters. No captions? No ADA
rules in his favor. Etc. Very sad.



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