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DeafDigest – 08 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 8, 2019

— importance of first responders in emergencies

There was a story of a weather disaster that
left the deaf abandoned for quite some time.
The first responders arrived, “knocked” on the
doors and left, thinking no one was there!
Didn’t happen in USA, but happened in Japan.
Yes, the Japanese local government authorities
weren’t too happy about it.


— refusing to show the presidential insult of Marlee Matlin

Mark Burnett is a TV producer, who is supposedly
close to the White House people, including the
president. Yet, when Marlee Matlin was insulted
by the president, producer Burnett refused to
release the video that supposedly showed it!
DeafDigest is not sure exactly what this means –
either to protect the president from his
uncalled for comment or to spare Marlee the
undeserved humiliation.


— to learn sign is to 100 percent accept the deaf

An activist said that if all hearing people learn
sign language they will 100 percent accept
the deaf in all phases of everyday life.
Really? What if the hearing person learns
signs and still hates the deaf?



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