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DeafDigest – 20 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 20, 2019

— gene-editing groups need to reach agreement

How worried is the health and science groups
are about deaf-gene editing? The World Health Organization
and the Science Academy groups need to get together
to establish principles and guidelines regarding
editing of genes. And, yet, this won’t stop
dishonest scientists from doing unathorized
work on gene editing. This was a newspaper
story today.


— being a deaf coffee barista is not easy

In a newspaper interview a deaf barista said he
handles about 100 coffee orders per day –
each order with these different combinations.
Some are simple; some are complicated. In
due time he has developed his own tricks to
know which customers want which coffee
combination. With difficult customers that
demand difficult coffee combinations he would
just grab a nearby hearing barista to help.
He said he loves his job despite occasional


— problems with text to 911

The Beltrami County (Minnesota) emergency management
services reviewed its Text-to-911 service and said
that while it has been a success, there are still
problems. Three examples are:

additional time with text as opposed to voice

cannot ask multiple questions; must ask one question at a time

dispatchers cannot hear the background (gun shots, screaming voices, etc)


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