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DeafDigest – 22 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 22, 2019

— attorneys more interested in money than ADA issues

There have been many ADA-related lawsuits against local
governments in Florida. Much responsible for these
lawsuits were not deaf people but hearing attorneys,
anxious to make big money by forcing local governments
to pay up quickly just to avoid costly lawsuits.
An advocate said the right way is for deaf people
to tell the local governments what they need
(captions, interpreters, etc). That would be
preferable as opposed to attorneys getting rich
from these local governments.


— Super Bowl advertisers hopefully will caption all ads

Who will be in the Super Bowl? Whoa, too early as playoffs
have not yet started – but among the Super Bowl advertisers
they are ready to pay for these expensive ads – as much
as 5 million for these short, 30-second ads. And some of
them will tell us that cost of captioning their 30-second
ads is too expensive for them! How expensive is captioning
their ads? Just few hundred bucks. There has never been a
perfect 100 percent score of all ads being captioned.


— El Tonto, most terrible deaf movie or not

Deaf people that follow movies are upset about
Charlie Day, not deaf, that plans to produce
the “El Tonto” movie. It is about a “stupid”
deaf man. Charlie, in response to public anger,
said it is not about the deaf but about comedy.
He said it was his 6-year dream to produce that
movie – but why have hearing people laugh at
that stupid deaf person?



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