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DeafDigest – 26 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 26, 2019

— volunteer deaf accessibility consultants

The Superior Alliance for Independent Living, a
non-profit agency in Marquette, Michigan, is
looking for deaf volunteers to visit business
places and public facilities to look for
inaccessibility issues that hearing people
are not aware of! A perfect example would be
a deaf-unfriendly fast food place with no
menus for the deaf to point out to. A simple
issue that many restaurant owners are
never aware of.


— deaf truckers unite

Do deaf truckers stay in touch with each other
while on road? They use the CDLLife App for
that networking purposes and making contacts.


— oral deaf voters rule is now removed

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed a bill
into a new law that removes requirements for
voters to voice out their name and address
in order to vote. That means ASL, non-speaking
voters can have someone else voice it out
for them. This bill was spurred by a non-voice
deaf voter feeling humiliated when asked to
voice out and as a result, walked out, not
voting at all!



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