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DeafDigest – 27 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 27, 2019

— reason for not using family and friends as interpreters

A police department said when there is an issue involving
the deaf, they prefer to use professional interpreters
as opposed to family members or friends as interpreters.
Reason is neutrality and confusion with different
sign language dialects among these non-interpreters
that use ASL.


— Stuffed Sign Language

Stuffed Animals using sign language? A sign language
teacher, frustrated with the struggles of her hearing
students learning ASL, has been using stuffed
animals in the classroom. She uses the stuffed animals
to teach the students how to express ASL gestures!


— a very deaf-unfriendly bank

A bank blocked the credit card of a deaf patron.
The bank had an issue with a transaction a deaf
person made at a store and texted him about it.
The deaf person replied but the bank required a
voice call and would not accept a third party
voice call. This went on and forth for almost
10 months until it was straightened out.
The bank said it is deaf-friendly but their
rules and procedures were anti-deaf!



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