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DeafDigest – 28 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 28, 2019

— difficult to be deaf at a hearing college

There was a newspaper story today about being
deaf at a hearing college. Part of the
story says that many students and staff are not
familiar with sign language, deaf culture, and
deafness in general, creating an isolating
environment. The story also says that deaf
students are scattered across the campus
making encounters with each other rare.



— a shocking comment by an architectural firm

A new library, costing $41.5 million dollars,
just opened up in New York City. It lacks access
to the deaf and the disabled. As a result, this
library has been slapped with a lawsuit over these
ADA violations. What made the whole thing so
shocking is the comment by the architectural

there was no priority given to people with disabilities
and that we had not thought about it



— another comment by a former deaf attorney

In another newspaper story today, a former attorney,
who is deaf, said:

There isn’t much demand for lawyers that can’t communicate,
no matter how competent they might be

That person left the legal profession and went to
another profession where his deafness is not a barrier




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