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DeafDigest – 04 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 4, 2019

— the deaf and the Comcast

There was a story that Comcast will use interpreters
to communicate with the deaf. Just hope it all
works out. Several times in the past years,
DeafDigest editor used video relay to communicate
with Comcast to fix problems with TV and with
the internet. To make long stories short, these
were big time ordeals that no one could endure.
If there is a future issue with Comcast, DeafDigest
editor will just walk over to the Comcast store and
write notes with the customer service rep!


— making it on the Forbes’ Under 30 list

Soleil Wheeler, who is deaf, and is well known
in the hearing world-wide gaming community as
Ewok, has made it on the prestigious Forbes’
Under 30 gaming list.


— New York Times Magazine’s important person

Matt Willey is probably the most important person
that works for the New York Times Magazine. It is
a thick magazine pull out that comes with
New York Times every Sunday. He is deaf, and
is the magazine’s Art Director. He does not use
ASL and functions as a hearing person.



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