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DeafDigest – 11 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 11, 2019

— soft signer or fast signer

An ASL teacher said there are two ways of signing –
signing softly and gently or signing fast and furious.
Everyone signs differently!


— serious issues with contractors

There are contractors that work with the deaf –
ASL instructors, interpreters, sub teachers, etc.
In some states, there are laws regarding contractors.
Right now in New Jersey, there is a fierce discussion
on what to do with contractors (in all fields,
including the deaf). Are they subject to orders
from employers or are they independent? And
also about paying these employment taxes, among
other issues.


— operating the lottery

In some states, lottery earnings provide funds for
deaf programs. This has been going on for years.
But do deaf services run the lottery? In Australia,
the main lottery operator Jumbo Interactive has
contracted with Deaf Services, an agency that
works with the deaf. It is supposed to monitor
lottery sales. Not exactly sure how it works,



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