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DeafDigest – 18 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 18, 2019

— deaf waitress, that functions as hearing, not tipped well

A deaf woman, that functions as a hearing person, said she
was given low tips by patrons. She couldn’t get by with
tips only and for that reason, she never worked again
as a waitress. She has continued working in restaurants,
but not as waitress!


— two reasons deaf people hate captioning devices

Here are two reasons why many deaf people hate
captioning devices.

Reason 1 – if one eats and chews on food while
watching captions, the captioning glasses may
bounce up and down, making watching of captions
more difficult

Reason 2 – batteries die too often!

All the more reason for open captions.


— restaurant agrees to post accessible signs

The Market Place Kitchen & Bar is a fancy
restaurant in Newtown, CT. As a result of
ADA-lawsuit, the restaurant agreed to post
“accessible signage.” DeafDigest is not
sure exactly what this means – electronic
displays (that restaurants normally do not
have) or menus on the walls that the deaf
person could point or what? Do deaf people
need accessible signage if they could just
point to items on the menu?



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