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DeafDigest – 23 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 23, 2019

— most important job in a hospital

Hospitals carry many different supplies (medical and general)
plus all these medicines. A purchasing agent, employed by a
hospital has this responsibilty for making sure these
supplies are ordered and arrive on time. This means
constant contact with so many different medical and non-medical
vendors. A deaf man, known only by his first name Bubba, was
employed for 30 years as the hospital’s purchasing agent
in New Orleans.


— best bartender in Australia

The best bartender in Australia, at least in the
Gold Coast region, is a deaf man. His name is
not known but he was written up in a newspaper
story as an award-winning bartender. In an
interview he said he struggled with his deafness
all his life. This is remarkable because in a
crowded bars, thirsty drinkers lack patience
waiting for the drinks they ordered!


— people staring at upside down telephone

A deaf woman is able to use the voice telephone
(with help of an amplifier). Her hearing aid
microphone was hidden inside her shirt and
she had to turn the telephone upside down
to face the microphone. Hearing people
passing by her would stare at her, not
knowing what it was all about. She would
give a demo, with a smile, on how it works.



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