DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 29, 2019

— survey says 72 percent of hearing people never met deaf

A survey said that 72 percent of hearing people have
never met the deaf. DeafDigest always treats statistics
with some skepticism, and so, is this survey valid?
People often lie when being interviewed or asked to fill
out a survey.


— Forbes magazine made a strong comment

Forbes is a magazine that business people, economists,
and elected public officials read. Today it mentioned
that when it comes to Education, deaf and disabled
students are pretty much given low priority by the
White House. DeafDigest is still angry over the
proposed budgetary cuts to our two cherished
deaf institutions – Gallaudet and NTID.


— making $77,000 per year for trying to find jobs

In Great Britain, there is a proposal that would
help the deaf earn 59,200 pounds per year
($77,000 USA dollars) if they are unemployed
but looking hard for new jobs. It is part
of the Access to Work program (sort of
our SSDI/unemployment benefits plans).
Not sure exactly how it works or if there is
loopholes or conditions. Still, hard to




Deaf jobs – latest update

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