DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 31, 2019

— deaf people in legal disagreements with hearing people

When deaf people get into serious disagreements, going
into mediation is one choice. The mediator listens to
both sides and decides who is right and who is wrong.
A mediator said words are very important – the wrong
word could lose the case; the right word may help
win the case. And when deaf person signs with body
language, it may or may not influence the mediator.
This is important – that mediator be made aware that
a sign could be interpreted in several different
words, and that the interpreter must know how
to interpret the right word. Not an easy task, but
very challenging!


— a rare TV station

When there are captioning errors, many TV stations
would either deny these happened or refer the
complaints to FCC. Well, the WWNY/WNYF TV station
in Watertown, NY is rare. This station says for
all captioning issues to be emailed them (without
saying that FCC should be the one that handles
these). And also that this Watertown station said
they do have issues with captioning equipment and
with program providers! Other TV stations won’t say
it but Watertown did.


— The Delta uniform and the ASL-fluent flight attendant

Delta announced that flight attendant uniforms may have
a pin saying they are ASL-fluent. What is going to happen
if an ASL-fluent flight attendant refuses to wear the
pin? Delta said it is an option for them. They cannot
be forced to wear the ASL pin if they refuse!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 30, 2019

— deaf business owners dealing with hearing customers

Do deaf business owners deaf with hearing customers?
Some do; some don’t. DeafDigest mentioned that Roberto
Wirth owns Hassler Roma and that he is deaf and that
patrons are hearing. DeafDigest interviewed Wirth
years ago, asking him how does he deal with hearing
patrons. He said that he doesn’t but has hearing people
at the front desk, at his restaurants and at his other
hotel facilities. Every morning he has face to face
meetings with his three top-level hearing department
administrators to discuss issues, ideas and problems
they may have had during the previous day. In other
words, when there are problems, Roberto is the first
to know about it!


— cannot understand gestures

François Caradec, who is not deaf, collects gestures
used by every one all over the world. He said there
is no such a thing as a simple gesture that people
everywhere would understand. He is correct. Years
ago DeafDigest editor was in Barcelona. At a restaurant
for a morning breakfast, he pointed to the menu which
indcated “breakfast eggs” and gestured “scrambled
eggs.” The waitress could not understand it and
asked for the manager. The manager could not understand
it, and asked for the restaurant owner whom could not
understand it. After repeated gesturing attempts,
they finally understood it.



— bad restaurant comment by an employer

A restaurant owner said:

A deaf person will not be at the front counter.
They are hired to clean up tables or to clean up
the bathrooms.

He is correct – but we are seeing more and more,
ever slowly, deaf people doing “hearing” tasks
that they would have never been permitted to do
so in the past!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 29, 2019

— Deaf Hotel in a Hearing TV movie

Hallmark just featured a new movie –
Love in Rome. The hotel which was a big
part of the movie was Hassler Roma.
This hotel is owned and operated by
Roberto Wirth, who is deaf. His hotel
is considered to be one of the five best
hotels in the world. Roberto, who was born
in Switzerland, was educated at American
School for the Deaf, Gallaudet and NTID –
before he made hotel services his goal
and his career. DeafDigest believes it is
the first time a movie featured a deaf
owned business! Was Roberto featured in
the movie, in a cameo appearance? No.
Any mention of deafness in the hotel
scenes? No.


— Starbucks’ first deaf shift manager

Does Starbucks, near Gallaudet, have a
deaf shift manager? Do not know. Anyway
Muhammad Aizad, who is deaf, is the shift
manager at the Deaf Starbucks Malaysia.
Does he supervise sign-language
hearing employees? Hope so, becasue many
hearing employees hate being supervised
by a deaf boss!


— a fact or a joke

A fact or a joke? A web news posting said:

The National Association of the Deaf has been supportive
of the new proposal. However, they have expressed concerns
about banning the use of hand signals because it could be
stigmatizing for deaf fans.

This refers to:
The Major League Baseball Players Association has announced that
“On-Field Cell Phone Use” is a major agenda item in the next
collective bargaining agreement. The players union wants MLB to
equip the players, coaches and umpires with smartphones.

A joke? Of course – but do keep in mind deaf major leaguers
of way back in 1880’s and 1890’s helped develop hand
signals for the benefit of hearing baseball players and
hearing fans (Dumny Hoy, Dummy Taylor and Ed Dundon).


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