DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 30, 2019

— deaf “able”, and deaf “not-able”

A newspaper story said that able refers to an
all-deaf staff in a restaurant, dealing
with hearing patrons. What about not-able
which woul mean just one deaf staffer in
a restaurant that has all-hearing staff
and patrons all hearing. Just a play
on these able and not-able phrases?


— a wild sign language rumor

Rumors can go wild. At a video games conference
a video person gave a speech, saying that
these games should have sign language. At
the time of the speech, another video person
was working with interpreters. Putting one and
one together a new rumor came out that
a new video game would have a deaf character
in the “Half-Life 3” video. Even
disability rights advocates pushed the
rumor to new heights. The problem?
The game – Half-Life 3 has not existed
in the first place!


— discrimination outside of workplace by workplace employees

A deaf employee is not invited to a retirement party. Also
not invited to a “TGIF” beer party at a nearby bar.
Also never given non-work memos that have been distributed
to all hearing employees. Never invited to participate
in Super Bowl pool or the NCAA pool. Discrimination
or not – even when these are not part of the job
description? ADA violation or just a social snub?


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 29, 2019

— advocate pushes for captions on top of TV screen

An advocate has pushed for captions on top of TV
screen, saying it would make the screen better for
audience viewing. Good idea? Well, if one is a
sports fan, then top captions would block showing
of scores, game clock and team color identification.
Bottom line – no such a thing as perfect placement
of captions!


— puzzling “too busy” comment

DeafDigest mentioned that a Burger King server was
fired for telling a deaf drive-in customer that he
was too busy to serve her and for her to come
inside to place the order. What is puzzling
is that the server is too busy to serve her
at drive-in but “not too busy” to serve her
inside. Is there a difference between order at
drive-in and order inside? No difference.
A cheeseburger order is a cheeseburger order.
Would that server say the same thing to a hearing
driver at the drive-in if he placed exactly the
same order the deaf woman wanted?


— common complaint by users of captioning equipment

A common complaint by deaf users of captioning equipment
is this – when movie starts, they have to wait for
the captions to show up. After waiting endlessly
they realize the equipment is broken!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 28, 2019

— CI best but with risks

Jeff Simmons, clinical coordinator, Cochlear Implant Program,
Boys Town National Research Hospital (Omaha) said
cochlear implants can be the best option to improve hearing but
with risks. These risks are imbalance, vertigo, infection, facial
nerve damage, Bacterial meningitis, ear infection, loss of
residual hearing and Tinnitus. All operations carry risks, and
CI is no exception. But best advice is to see your physician
first before going through with the operation. No two
CI patients are the same!


— ADA attorney and deaf plaintiff punished by judge

Attorney Scott Dinin, ADA lawsuit specialist,
was punished by U.S. District Judge Paul Huck
for filing too many ADA lawsuits and sharing
the attorney fees with a deaf plaintiff.
They filed dozens of lawsuits in Florida.
The attorney paid the deaf plaintiff nearly
$85,000 for three years of filing these
lawsuits. Punishment is that the deaf plaintiff
had to perform 400 hours of community service
and the attorney cannot file any more ADA


— Governor not telling the deaf about the Tropical Storm

Governor Albert Bryan, U.S. Virgin Islands, did not use an
interpreter or have his talk captioned while warning his
people of the possible Tropical Storm Dorian hitting
his nation. Several American senators were upset
about it.



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