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DeafDigest – 14 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 14, 2019


— a vague business license

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada announced
that a business license was issued to
an individual. It said it was for

sign language

Sign language teacher or Sign Language
interpreter? Not all sign language teachers
are interpreters; not all sign language
interpreters are sign language teachers!


— many deaf owned businesses, no business directory?

There was a story about the state of Maryland having
these approximately 75 deaf-owned businesses. This is
great – just that there is no directory that lists
these deaf-owned businesses! Deaf people in Maryland,
as well as in these neigbhoring areas of Washington, DC
and Virginia would love to know if there are deaf
locksmiths, deaf car mechanics, deaf house painters,
deaf carpenters, deaf attorneys, deaf accountants
and so on.


— hated being followed by interpreters everywhere

A deaf woman, who enrolled at a hearing college years ago,
was always followed by interpreters everywhere she went –
no matter where – classrooms, dorms, athletic practices,
social events, etc. She hated it. As a result, she transferred
to Gallaudet. DeafDigest is mentioning it because there
was a story today of an Ivy League deaf freshamn student
being followed by two interpreters everywhere. He said he
likes being followed; will he continue to like it or
will he get tired of it?



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