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DeafDigest – 15 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 15, 2019

— many shelters do not have interpreters and counselors

Many shelters, that protect victims of domestic violence,
lack interpreters and qualified counselors. This is the reason
why these deaf victims leave these facilities, but still
looking around for other facilities that best serve their needs.


— patenting the sign language National Anthem

At big events, such as the Super Bowl, we have a deaf celebrity
doing the ASL version of the Star Spangled Banner. Could this
ASL version be patented and protected from these copyright
issues? A joke? Silly? Well, there is a bill going on in
Ireland to protect their sign language version of their
national anthem!


— 13th person in the jury room

There are few nations that allow interpreters
for deaf jurors. But many nations do not allow
these interpreters. Their reason is that the
13th person in the jury room is considered
an outsider and not part of the court
proceedings. It does not matter to them
that these interpreters are neutral and
not involved with the jury room discussions,
which can often be quite heated.



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