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DeafDigest – 18 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 18, 2019


— hearing workplace rage directed at the deaf

What is hearing rage? A deaf man habitually spent
his lunch hour reading the newspapers at the library
at his workplace. Another deaf man habitually picked
out these free “self-help”, “advocacy” and “advice”
pamphlets and manuals from the agency human resources
magazine rack. These two deaf employees were
scolded by their supervisors for “abusing” their
work place privileges! Hearing rage? Yes!
Discrimination? Again, yes!


— newly elected official welcomes the deaf

Jonathan Michael Nez was inaugurated as the newest
president of the Navajo Nation. During his
speech, he thanked the Native American interpreters
and welcomed the deaf in in the audience to join and
work with him to improve the lives of fellow
Native Americans, both deaf and hearing!


— newspaper headline is very wrong

A newspaper headline today said:

Nyle DiMarco’s World Is Completely Silent

Completely silent? Nyle is well known for his
strong views, quotable in many worldwide
newspapers regarding rights and needs of
the deaf. Silent? No way!



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