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DeafDigest – 22 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 22, 2019


— only deaf person to be on FBI watch list

FBI, for many years, has a watch list – keeping
a watch on “dangerous” individuals. A dangerous
deaf person? Well, there was a posting today
that Hellen Keller, the world’s most famous
deaf-blind person, was on the FBI watch list.
Dangerous person? Not really, but FBI didn’t like
that she was a socialist, hated President
Woodrow Wilson, supported birth control and
helped establish American Civil Liberties Union.



— A Coda who didnt’ trust a hospital

A Coda, who is ASL interpreter, did not
trust a hospital when his deaf mother
was admitted for medical observation.
Instead of telling the doctors, the nurses
and th3 administrators of her deafness, he
took action. He simply posted a big sign
on the wall behind his mother’s bed. The
poster just said one word – deaf. It was
impossible for the hospital staff to ignore
that sign!


— closed captions very popular and very unpopular with hearing

Could closed captions be very popular and also unpopular
with the hearing? There was a posting today that said:

Captions have become more popular among television and movie
fans, even amongst those who are not deaf


If this is true, then why are we still fighting
the hearing people to have open captions in movie



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