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DeafDigest – 24 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 24, 2019


— these bad old Deaf days

During these bad old Deaf days, we used a Model 15 TTY
machine. The noise was so loud that it bothered hearing
people. A deaf person, who lived in an upper floor apartment,
was forced by his landlord to move to a first floor
apartment because of that noise. At least the landlord
did not kick him out of the apartment building.
That was before we had ADA.


— a big irony with actress that turned down deaf role

DeafDigest mentioned the other day that British actress
Jameela Jamil turned down a deaf role, saying it should
go to a deaf actress. There is an irony – a newspaper
story today said she “used” to be partially deaf!
What would that mean? She has a hidden CI or a hidden
hearing aid or had a non-CI operation that restored
her hearing?


— Deaf Cubs at the Cave

Over the past weekend, the Clerc national
deaf basketball tournament took place at
The Cave at California School for the Deaf.
The Cave? A new and huge gym whose facilities
are probably bigger than some of the college
gyms. Said an amazed athletic director –
huge gym with two full courts; main court
can seat nearly 1,000 people and gym
capacity can hold 2,500 people; a separate
wrestling room with bleachers and scoreboard;
huge weight room; huge training room; and most
important of all, plenty of office space for
administrators and coaches. Why the Cave? The
school mascot is Cubs.



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