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DeafDigest – 28 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 28, 2019

— NASA’s deaf engineers

A magazine story said that Johanna Lucht was hired
in 2017 as NASA’s first deaf engineer. This is not
true. NASA, over the years, has had several deaf
engineers. In fact, DeafDigest’s first webmaster
years ago, was a retired NASA engineer. He said there
was another deaf engineer working in the same buiilding
with him, but in different departments.


— a fact or an excuse

A while back, movie director John Leonetti
cast a hearing actress instead of a deaf actress
for a deaf role. He said the hearing actress
signs perfectly and knows what it feels to be
deaf. A fact or an excuse? DeafDigest says
it is an excuse.


— hearing poker player vs deaf poker player

Alisha Wormald, an Australian deaf woman, is
a poker champion. She was asked for the difference
between playing against hearing poker players
and deaf poker players. She said the deaf
players pick up body language better than
hearing players – reading these body movements
and facial movements, etc!



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