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DeafDigest – 31 January 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 31, 2019

— to trust or not trust statistics

A deaf journal said we have 10,000,000 Americans
that are deaf or hard of hearing. And that one
million of them use ASL as their #1 language.
This is an estimate, not a fact. Do we believe
in estimates?


— Mr. Deaf Taco

Marcus Bryant, who is deaf, operates his own
taco business in Mesa, Arizona. The business
is called “Chef Marcus’s Kitchen Tacolicious
and Catering Business.” One can taste his
tacos at gatherings – streets, private parties
and neighborhood events. These tacos vary with
a long list of interesting menu choices.
When not busy with tacos, he works as a
chef in a nearby country resort.


— a pole and a sign in a supermarket

Sainsbury is a big supermarket chain in
Great Britain. One of their supermarkets
would provide deaf customers with a pole
and sign that they could stick into their
shopping carts. The sign asks for assistance.
The idea is that when managers and customer
service representatives see the sign, they
know the deaf customer needs assistance
– such as looking for a horseradish
jar but not able to find it in the frozen
foods section!



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