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DeafDigest – 04 February 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 4, 2019

— Super Bowl 2002 vs Super Bowl 2019

There are always advertisers that say they
cannot afford to spend few hundred dollars for
a 30-second commercial. In 2002, the 30-second
ad costs $2,300.000. Yesterday’s Super Bowl would
have cost $5,250,000 for this same 30-second
ad spot. Can afford $5,250,000 but can’t afford
few hundred dollars more?


— a president insults the deaf

A president has insulted the deaf. No, it is not
the USA president, but the president of Ghana.
President Nana Addo said the deaf people were not
smart enough to see how much he has accomplished
for the nation in the past two years. The deaf
community is angry and has demanded that the
president apologize for his terrible comment. He did.



— Oregon hopes to be the 4th state

The Oregon Association of the Deaf is pushing
the lgislators to remove the words “hearing impaired”
from the state law books. If it succeeds, then it
follows New Hampshire, New York and Utah that
had these hated words removed from the state books.



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