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DeafDigest – 06 February 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 6, 2019

— Deaf or deaf

Deaf means people that use sign language, and deaf means people
that don’t use sign language. Really? This is what was described
in a Great British web posting!


— very hard work

See Poh, a deaf woman, operates her cafe at a
food court in Malaysia. She has been in business
for 20 years but is exhausted. She, and her husband,
stand on their feet for ten hours every day, serving
these meals that tourists love. It actually is ten
plus hours because they must come early to do food
prep and then to clean up the place after it is
closed. Do their children help? No, as they have
their own lives to deal with. They are tired and
as a result, are thinking of closing up and going
into retirement.


— a new emoji

People that text often use emoji that show their emotions or
expressions. Coming up this year will be a new “deaf person”
emoji. Not sure how it looks like, though!




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