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DeafDigest – 19 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 19, 2019

— a pledge by CBS

CBS is big – CBS Television Network, CBS Television Studios,
CBS All Accessstreaming service, etc. It just pledged
to cast the disabled into their programs. Just a warning –
pledge means promise, nothing else. And way back in early
1980’s, CBS refused to close-caption its TV programs,
which led to nationwide deaf-led rallies, thus
embarrassing this huge network. Yes, times have changed,
and we shall wait and see if their casting of the disabled
actors will also mean casting of deaf actors. As always,
stay tuned!


— deaf refugees without two languages

A deaf social service agency tries to help deaf refugees
that come to USA lacking knowledge of language and
knowledge of sign language. They communicate by
pointing at objects and by using gestures. This is sad.


— big issue in Texas

A big issue is going on in Texas. The Texas House
legislative body is accused of violating the
ADA by refusing to caption their hearings.
A late-deafened person may not not understand
ASL. Texas is saying that ADA regulations are
being followed by providing interpreters. But
there are many deaf people that don’t use ASL
and require captions. It is both a Catch-22 and
No-Win issues going on right now.



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