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DeafDigest – 20 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 20, 2019

— true or not true that hearing people hate captions

It always has been assumed that hearing people
hate captions and would immediately turn it off
when possible. True or not true? People that work
with TV and movies were asked that question. They
would not show proof that hearing people would
turn off captions.



— a strange comment about deafness

In a newspaper interview, the person said:

I’m not deaf, but profoundly hearing-impaired

What is the difference between being deaf
and profoundly hearing-impaired?

Same thing!


– a deaf basketball hero or a deaf basketball nobody

Who is Lance Allred? Ask a diehard hearing basketball
fan, and he would shrug his shoulders as if he is a
nobody. Ask a diehard deaf basketball fan, and he
would say he is a hero to the Deaf Community. This
issue was raised in a Psychology magazine. Allred,
who is deaf, played for a very short time with the
Cleveland Cavaliers, and one of his teammates was
LeBron James. A hero or a nobody? To DeafDigest
editor, he is a hero despite his minimal NBA stats.


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