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DeafDigest – 14 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 14, 2020

— fear of ordering at fast food place

Many deaf people have this fear when they
order fast food; even when they point at
the menu at the counter – that the order
will come out wrong. And with line getting
bigger behind them, they accept the wrong
order, not wanting to hassle with the
fast food employees. This was what one
Coda pointed out in a newspaper story.


— a deaf employee operates a crane

Heavy construction is everywhere in USA,
especially with these huge cranes. All
of these operators are hearing – with
one exception – Brandon Salley, who is
deaf and operates a crane at the Puget
Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate
Maintenance Facility in Washington.
He had an interpreter with him while
going through training sessions and
passed his qualifications with flying


— captions required for hearing people!

Many hearing people hate captions but a
newspaper story said that it is required
for them during conferences, training
sessions and workshops! It said hearing
ears get tired after trying to listen
to speeches all day – hence the importance
of captions.



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