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DeafDigest – 16 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 16, 2020

— plaintiff losing ADA discrimination lawsuit

A hospital in New York no longer has to worry
about ADA discrimination lawsuit, over refusal
to provide an interpreter for a deaf patient?
Two reasons – it took place a long time ago
and the statute of limitations expired – and –
because the lawsuit was filed by a hearing
sister whose deaf brother was a patient. The
hospital said she had no authority to
request an interpreter, and the brother
didn’t request it!


— captioned glasses, to laugh or to cry

A deaf moviegoer went to watch a “1917” movie
in a major city theater. The captioning
glasses didn’t work, only to be told the
movie wasn’t captioned. He went to a nearby
theater, which advertised the movie as
captioned, and picked up captioning glasses.
The captions showed up slowly but it did not
match what the actors were saying – it said
“Truck revving…spinning wheel”, etc.
The manager realized the captioning glasses
was programmed for a different movie at a
different theater! The glasses were
exchanged. Captions worked for a while
then the power in glasses went out.
Giving up after going to two theaters
he was able to get refunds and went
to a nearby bar to cool off.


— deaf employee’s “deaf” badge does not help

A deaf employee at a department store said
the “deaf” badge he wore, often does not
help. A frustrated hearing shopper would
come to him, saying something that is not
understood. The deaf employee would point
to his badge and ask to please slow down.
That only makes the hearing shopper even
angrier! Yes, the deaf employee’s supervisor
had to come over to calm down and help the
hearing shopper.



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