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DeafDigest – 21 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 21, 2020

— swab test said to detect deafness

a newspaper story said that a new genetic test,
which consists of swabbing the baby’s cheeks
could help detect deafness. These swabs took place
at two hospitals in United Kingdom. Best is to wait
and see if it really works in the long run.


— trend: better captions or low-cost (free) captions

The National Court Reporters Association is
pushing for students to enroll in captioning
courses to become well-qualified captioners.
The local government agencies is pushing for
software that will provide free captions.
Two trends clashing with each other?


— a Coda scared of interpreting

A Coda, with a long line of deafness in his family
tree, said signing socially is much different
from doing professional interpreting. For that
reason, getting trained to be a certified
interpreter, wasn’t an option with him. After
going through employment layoffs, he then
decided to get an intpreting certification.
He is happy now, so is the Deaf Community.



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