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DeafDigest – 03 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 3, 2020

— doctors accused of ignoring the deaf, despite interpreters

Do intepreters help doctors communicate with the deaf?
According to an activist, many doctors ignore the
needs of deaf senior citizens, despite presence of
interpreters. This may be the reason why gerentologist
physicians are a slowly growing speciality in the
medical profession. Still, generentologists may
still tell the deaf senior citizens to drink
8 glasses of water every day and to also walk
10,000 steps every day. Is it their way of
brushing asides the communication needs of
the deaf senior citizens? Hope not!


–theatrical play based on the 1880 Milan Conference

The 1880 Milan Conference passed a resolution,
banning sign language all over the world.
Gallaudet and some deaf schools refused to
accept the resolution. Anyway there is a
play “Extraordinary Wall of Silence” which
is a Time Machine. It featured three cases –
a deaf person, knowing no sign language;
an oral deaf peson finally exposed to
Deaf Culture; a deaf person implanted with
CI accepts Deaf Identity. There was no
CI in 1880 hence the Time Machine theme.


— NAD, huh? Say it again!

DeafDigest editor just could not believe his
own eyes regarding the Super Bowl ASL rendition
of the National Anthem. A newspaper story said:

it was part of the NFL’s collaboration with the
Nationwide Affiliation of the Deaf

National Affiliation of the Deaf? Never heard of it.

National Association of the Deaf? Yes, been around
since 1880. And still helping us.

1880, well, Milan Conference (see the above
story) took place the same year. Another
story for another time!


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