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DeafDigest – 04 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 4, 2020

— Deaf complaints with the 2020 Census

One big complaint is that Census does not
identify which are deaf, which are hard of
hearing and which uses ASL. And also deaf
people that struggle with printed language
may not understand the census, and as a
consequence, throw it into the trash can.


— Iowa Democratic officials forced to listen to deaf

Iowa Caucus is a way of life in the state,
but have always discriminated against the
deaf. Finally this time Gretchen Brown-Waech,
who is deaf, forced the state Democrats to
accommodate her and her deaf group with
interpreters. Hopefully this is a permanent
accommodation and not a temporary accommodation
that will go away at the end of the Caucus.


— As usual, Super Bowl fails us

As usual, the ASL rendition of the Super Bowl
national anthem has failed us. The signing of
Christine Sun KimChristine Sun Kim was pushed
off to the corner. She said two words:

Huge Disappointment


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