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DeafDigest – 06 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 6, 2020

— two choices in filing a complaint

When there is a violation (no interpreter, no captions, etc)
the deaf person has two choices. Most common choice is filing
complaint with U.S. Department of Justice, but there is
a scond choice – to directly file a lawsuit in the
courtroom (not involving the Justice). Which is the
best choice? There are always pros and cons.


— a troublesome explanation

A museum in Utica, NY had this explanation:

Movie screenings will feature Open Captions for the
benefit of our deaf guests. Please be aware that
this service is not always available from the
film distributor

This is troubling. Why would the museum select a
certain film if they know captions are not
available? Why not select one of the films that
are already captioned?


— witness communicating in ASL with accused deaf person

A deaf person committed a crime, and police was called
over. But before the police arrived, the witness, that
knew ASL, communicated with the deaf person. When police
arrived, the witness told them what the deaf person said.
This would lead to problems – are comments by the
witness, as a third person, without presence of the
police, be admissable? Would attorneys challenge these


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