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DeafDigest – 07 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 7, 2020

— advice for behavior on first day with a new job

There was a posting that said:
The 10 rules to succeeding at work once you’ve started a new job –
and what you should never do

An ambitious deaf person, on his first day on the job,
spent a lot of time going through the brochures
distributed at the agency human resources office.
Needless to say, he did not last too long with his
new job! Bad first impression leads to continued
bad impressions.


— notetakers or interpreters or CART

Always thought that notetakers have been made obsolete
because of ASL interpreters and CART services. Well,
there was a story that Seattle Central Community College
used notetakers for deaf students in the classrooms!


— first responders learning ASL

It is always great when a group of first responders
learn ASL. There was a newspaper story about
a group of first responders learning ASL
at a fire academy near Pittsburgh. The concern
is that ASL is not at always easy to learn – it
requires daily, constant practice and use of
ASL. It is so easy to forget the just-learned ASL.
DeafDigest has had hearing people tell him they
learn ASL but have no one to practice it with
on a regular basis!



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