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DeafDigest – 11 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 11, 2020

— a frustrated Coda

There was a story today of a Coda not being able
to converse with his deaf parents. DeafDigest
is puzzled. Many Codas do understand the voices
of their deaf parents, having grown up in their
deaf households. And even if many Codas do not
master ASL, they would still understand simple
signs and gestures of their deaf parents. There
must be some issues with the Coda that prevents
him from successfully conversing with his deaf


— helping with captions

A country, wanting to improve captioning standards,
asked its own national association of the deaf,
its own national interpreting association and
also its own association of (hearing) language
experts. It worked. This did not happen in USA
but in Finland! Would it have happened in USA?
No, because competing organizations push their
own captioning agendas above others!


— TV episode: refusing to accept deafness

Is the birth of a deaf baby so terrible, forcing
the parents to refuse to accept it? Many, many
deaf babies have successful lives. Anyway,
on a Coronation Street TV episode, British’s
most popular soap opera, characters Gemma and
Chesney threw a terrible fit upon learning of
their baby’s deafness. Again, many deaf British
babies become successful British citizens!



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