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DeafDigest – 13 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 13, 2020

— deaf doctor on TV

It was announced that Shoshannah Stern will play the
deaf doctor role on a Grey’s Anatomy TV episode and
that it is the first time a deaf actor would play the
deaf doctor role. What about a real live deaf doctor
on TV? Dr. Philip Zazove, who is deaf, was featured
on a TV news program in 2015. Real deaf doctor on
a TV show or a actress playing role as a deaf
doctor? Your preference!


— fed up interpreters in California

There is a fear, that because of a bill introduced
in legislation, interpreters in California may
get fed up and leave the profession for something
else. Regulations, payment hassles, tax hassles,
paperwork hassles, carpal tunnel issues and other
hassles may be too much for some interpreters
to handle. Possibly not just in California but
in other states!


— deaf with Gift Bag

Christi Leonardi, who is deaf, owns her small
beauty soap-making business in Albuquerque, NM.
During the recent Oscars event, her soaps
were part of gift bags, containing beauty
samples that were distributed among the crowd
watching the big event. She is hoping that
celebrities noticing her soaps would be a
boost for her business.



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