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DeafDigest – 14 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 14, 2020

— must wait for deaf story in Coronation Street

A DeafDigest subscriber watches Coronation Street
(the British TV series) quite a lot. He said that
if he wanted to see the episode that involves
a deaf baby character, he has to wait about
two weeks for it to come up on his TV screen –
it takes time for the series to move from
Great Britain to Canada to USA! It requires


— from deaf to hearing

A character has been changed in a story from being
deaf to being hearing. British horror writer
James Herbert wrote the book – Shrine. In that
book, written in in 1983, there was a deaf character,
a young girl. But in a film just produced now,
this same deaf character has become a hearing
character. Why? Hollywood people ashamed of
casting characters as deaf?


— Stalin’s deaf great-grandson

Selim Ben Saad, who is deaf, is the great-grandson
of past Russian dictator Jospeh Stalin. Because news
coming out of Russia is often confusing and vague,
it is not known if Selim has departed us or has
disappeared and in hands of the Russian government
officials. This story surfaced today.


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