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DeafDigest – 17 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 17, 2020

— mocking a deaf person

Will Palmer, who is deaf, was mocked by a hearing
person for just one reason – his deafness. Was mocked
not just once but several times. It took place during
a soccer game – in Great Britain. What happened?
Fans supported the deaf player. The hearing mocker’s
club suspended him for seven games. Will this happen
in USA – that a hearing mocker would be punished for
mocking a deaf person? Yes, we do have ADA, but is
there language in ADA that covers mocking issues?


— deaf people hearing a quiet voice

Do deaf people hear quiet voices inside their
heads? Yes, according to Naomi Lavelle, who
specializes in the science of communications
(or is it science of non-communications).
She wrote about it in a newspaper column


— departure of a deaf person we never heard of

Michael Frutchey, who just departed us, was
described as a colorful person in an obit,
despite his deafness. He was a professional
model, owner of his roofing business, riding
motorcycles, driving fast cars and generally
living on the edge. He also loved making people
laugh, enjoying loud music and dancing. Growing
up he attended Michigan School for the Deaf. This
is the first time DeafDigest editor read an obit
that described all these stuff! May he rest in peace.


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