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DeafDigest – 24 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 24, 2020

— a resolution or a legislative bill

Which is better – a resolution or an
introduced law-making bill? In Utah,
there is a resolution to encourage
closed captions in public facilities.
A resolution? Why not a law-making bill?
People can ignore resolutions but cannot
ignore laws!


— ASL interpreting on a British TV program

As mention in DeafDigest few days ago, the Lefors
family of St Augustine, Florida, appeared on
British TV’s Nickelodeon’s The Crystal Maze.
They won, but what was neat was that there
was no need for a British Sign Language
interpreter – because one of the oldest
daughters interpreted in ASL for the family!
We do not see BSL interpreting in American
TV sitcoms.


— two competing deaf-themes on British TV

going on right now are two competing
British sitcoms with these deaf-themes.
One is the EastEnders character, shown
as deaf in one ear, in danger of
becoming deaf in another ear. The
Second one is Coronation Street parents
Gemma and Chesney, upset over their new
baby born deaf – and quickly making a
CI decision plus some willingness
to learn signs. Two competing
deaf-themes on USA sitcoms? No way,
as American TV producers won’t go
for it.



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