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DeafDigest – 25 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 25, 2020

— a deaf daredevil

In the past we had a deaf daredevil in the late
Kitty O’Neil who broke landspeed driving records
and performed many movie stunts. Are we seeing
a new deaf daredevil right now in Dane Jackson.
He jumped 134 feet down in a waterfall in his
kayak at Salto del Maule waters in Valle de
Los Condores, Chile. It is said to be the
second highest waterfall jump in history.


— courtroom reasonable accommodation

A job applicant for a courtroom officer position
won the support of the New York State Division of Human
Rights, saying his use of hearing aid is reasonable
accommodation. What if that job applicant depends
on ASL interpreting to function in this same job?
Would that still be considered reasonable
accommodation? Hope so.


— more on EastEnders’ deaf character

There is a twist on British TV screens because of
Ben Mitchell’s deafness scenes in the EastEnders
sitcoms. When he speaks up, the sound on the screen
is distorted – to reflect his deafness! What if
EastEnders is shown on USA TV, would the captions
be distorted? EastEnders was shown in the past,
but seems no longer.



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