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DeafDigest – 26 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 26, 2020

— mixing ASL and opera

Is it possible to mix opera with use of ASL?
Deaf West Theatre says yes, and is using the
play “My Sister in This House” as evidence.
Said deaf actor: I think we will be able to
bring that out opera through our beautiful ASL


— a door sign telling the world the resident is deaf

Do deaf people want a door sign telling the world
they are deaf? Well, if the Carver County (Minnesota)
Sheriff has his way, then deaf residents can get
special “first responder” signs telling them
of their deafness. There should be a better way
of telling the first responders of deafness without
telling the whole world about it!



— inventor hopes Vision D helps the deaf

Inventor Leoncio Huamán Peredo, working with the
MIT Technology Review group, has come up with
a device that is called Vision D. Vision D. It
is a device clipped to a person’e eyeglasses
that shows a screen that tells him what the
hearing person is saying. And most interesting
of all, there is no patent on that invention.
Anyone can “copy” it and make money off it
(if it makes a lot of sales).


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