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DeafDigest – 27 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 27, 2020

— perfect system or cheapest system

The KTBS-TV3 (ABC) and KPXJ-TV21 (CW) TV
networks (in Louisiana) has looked around
for the “best” closed captioning system
and found one captioning provider. They
said it is a “perfect fit.” Is it
really a perfect fit or just the cheapest
fit, being covered up as a perfect fit?
If that is the case, then captioning
bloopers will continue!


— deaf winner in Shark Tank

Kobe Johnson, who is deaf, had an idea for
an invention called Tailgate N Go. He was
invted to a Shark Tank show and came out
a winner. He will be getting a $250,000 investment
for a 20% share in the business from investor Matt
Higgins, who is the CEO of RSE Ventures. They
said he is the first deaf person to appear
on the show? Really? Not sure!


— circle table bad for deaf in a meeting

For years, the Circle Table has been a
perfect meeting table for the deaf.
Everyone can see all others in meetings.
Yet, a circle table issue came up in
a public small town meeting. Deaf people
complained, that even with interpreters,
it seemed that hearing participants
have their backs to the deaf. Even when
interpreters point at who is speaking,
the deaf person cannot match it with


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