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DeafDigest – 03 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 3, 2020

— inventions by the deaf for the deaf

There was an article today that said disabled
people invent things for themselves better
than what non-disabled could do. Examples
were the internet, the typewriter and
the phonograph.


— reason everyone fights ADA laws

Why is there continued fighting over ADA laws?
Attorneys don’t agree on the language. The same
goes for courts; Third, Sixth, Ninth, and
Eleventh Circuits disagree with other circuits!
The Department of Justice also has its own
opinions. Is ADA a mess? Not really, but no
one agrees on what the whole language says.


— hearing aid table

What is a hearing aid table? Do not know but
The Michigan City Women’s Democratic Club
is hosting an event, and has reserved a
table that is called Hearing Aid table.
What is that supposed to mean? Loops on
the table for the hard of hearing? Or
captioned videos on the table for the
deaf? Or an interpreter for the deaf?
Or is it “loaner” hearing aids for
those that need to hear the speakers?
So vague!



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