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DeafDigest – 05 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 5, 2020

— Coronavirus announcements not captioned

In Western New York, two local TV stations
did not caption Coronavirus announcements
by an ABC affiliate and by CBS affiliate.
The angry deaf viewer has filed a formal
complaint with the FCC. Will not be surprised
if FCC takes its sweet little time investigating
both complaints. Take a look at two pictures at:



— article suggests a prevention for hearing loss

An article ran a list of preventions for hearing
loss. One of these suggestions was lip reading!
DeafDigest is not sure how would lip reading
help prevent hearing loss?



— asking the deaf and the disabled to help

Angela Rayner, who is not deaf nor disabled, has
asked a group of deaf and disabled individuals to
help advise her on how to solve discrimination
against them. Backtrack a bit, she is running
for election as deputy leader in UK’s Labor
Party, and she has realized that her political
party is guilty of discrimination. Would
we see that happen in USA that leaders of
our political parties ask the deaf to help
them? Very probably not!



Deaf jobs – latest update

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