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DeafDigest – 10 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 10, 2020

— a strange word we never use

What is a palantypist? It is the same as
CART operator. DeafDigest editor learned
of that word today – but he will never use
that word in his future articles.


— these disbelieving hearing people

There are always hearing people that do not believe
a certain person is deaf. They will make such comments
like these:

you don’t look like a deaf person


you look too good to be a deaf person


— nickname cruel or not cruel

There was a comment few days ago about William Hoy being
cruelly nicknamed as Dummy because of his deafness.
Cruel or not cruel? Not considered cruel years ago;
many people, even the deaf, accepted it. A few complained;
Times have changed over the years and Dummy is very
cruel nowadays.


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