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DeafDigest – 11 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 11, 2020

— A Deaf Utopia in the past, many years ago

Did we ever have a Deaf Utopia (perfect deaf
society) many years ago? A Martha’s Vineyard
history researcher said Deaf Utopia existed
on the island. Hearing people were fluid,
switching back and forth between voice and
sign language (even when there were no
deaf people around)! Not any more, though.


— comment by deaf critic about horror movies

A movie critic, who is deaf, was interviewed
about these horror movies. He said he is
tired of “mixed” horror movies, meaning
some hearing and some deaf family members.
He thinks horror movies would be better if
it was an all-hearing family, trying to
stay quiet or an all-deaf family struggling
not to make noise – but not “both.”


— many hearing people do not realize deaf can do things

A deaf studies lecturer said that many hearing
people do not realize that deaf people can do
things – driving cars, walking through the street
intersections, pointing to menu at restaurants,
making bank deposits, etc. Even some hearing
people are shocked that deaf people can read
and write. Even DeafDigest editor was asked
if he could read and write!



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