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DeafDigest – 16 March 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 16, 2020

— making see-through Coronavirus mask

when interpreters wear Coronavirus masks,
it is not good for the deaf. Impossible to
lipread the mouth movements in sync with
sign language. An interpreter tried to create
a see-through mask, using plastic wrap.
She used anti-mist spray to disinfect it.
She said she is not 100 percent satisfied
but still working on a better solution.



— 3 things that helped establish TV closed captions

There was a story today that said:

How Deaf Advocates Won the Battle for Closed Captioning
and Changed the Way Americans Watch TV.

This story did not mention that in the late seventies
/early seventies, ABC, NBC and CBS refused to close
caption their programs

#1 – ABC agreed to close caption their programs,
thanks to an all-night drinking session at a
Manhattan bar! Julius Barnathan, the ABC engineer,
had the final say with captions on his programs.
Mac Norwood represented the federal government,
pushing for captions. They both loved to share
scotches. They got together at a bar to talk
this out – and eventually Barnathan said yes,
we will caption!

#2 – NBC was neutral; not wanting to caption,
but not opposed to captions. When ABC agreed
to caption, NBC then agreed.

#3 – CBS was stubborn; refused to caption at all.
Gene Mater was the CBS chief with the final say
on captions, and he hated captions. It took two
national rallies by the Deaf Community to try to
force CBS to caption. Mater still refused to
caption; in a heated argument, Mater invited
NAD CEO Al Pimentel to come to his office
to discuss this out. Pimentel told Mater –
no, you must come downstairs to discuss this
on the sidewalk. Eventually Mater was pushed
out of his job, and CBS eventually agreed
to caption.

Rest is history.


— Germany apparently does not want to help the deaf

Germany not wanting to help the deaf? Coronavirus
has caused panic everywhere, especially in Germany.
What didn’t the German government do? It would not
share information with the deaf, via interpreters
and captions these Coronavirus updates! Very



Deaf jobs – latest update

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